Entry #1

Working on something

2016-09-25 13:05:28 by AtomicAstro

So, I haven't released anything in a while. I originally wrote the novel I always wanted explaining why but I've decided that I will just keep that short. To put it simply, I was starting way too many projects and giving myself more shit than I could handle and I wasn't confident in any of it, and I hated everything that I was making. But I've gotten through all that shit and now I am making things that I'm confident in and really enjoy. Plus all that time was definitely not wasted, I've learned a whole giant slew of new things in regards to animation and art, so I'm a million miles better than I was. So my main project is actually based on an idea I had a while back involving Rick and Morty characters that I never went through with, and I went back and found the script that I had and thought I'd try it again, and I'm actually feeling kinda good about it. So expect that sometime, can't say when because I'll probably be wrong. I'll also continue to drop stuff in the art portal every so often, because I really like doing that. It also helps improve my general drawing. So to end this post here's a screenshot.4945702_147482292043_ricknmhorti.png


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2016-09-26 18:38:33

Well, I'm glad to hear everything is alright again and you learnt a lot, even if you had to abandon some projects!
Waiting for the movie! :D

AtomicAstro responds:

I'm looking forward to finishing that movie.


2016-09-26 20:46:46

Cool man, im excited for the stuff you put out

AtomicAstro responds:

Thanks man.


2016-11-30 08:50:31

Can I join to collab....
My video quality is :

I can make good animations.....
If I can join send me pm..