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What's good NG?

Posted by AtomicAstro - September 24th, 2017

Heyyy it's me, the guy you probably don't know about because I don't upload anything. Well guess what? I've been uploading some stuff lately and I've got some shit planned, so I figured I could talk about it here on NG since I haven't been updating here at all, just mostly lurking in the shadows. And unlike previous update posts I've written, I actually have shit to show instead of rambling on about empty promises, so that's neat I guess.

So I'm not gonna go too far into why I was so inactive on here and the web in general for a while, but the short version of it is that I was kind of unhappy with myself both creatively and as a person, which is why you may have seen stupid troll nonsense like Eddsworld Kidz Collab. I had a really shitty and unhealthy mindset for no reason and completely fucked myself over with it. But I'm over that, and I now have a surge of creative energy I haven't had in years, and I'm actually posting stuff again. So what's up next?

Well first off, I'm now in an animation/content creation group with a few pals of mine, and we're planning a lot of fun stuff. One of those fun things is the Gregory Horror Show Reanimate collab, started by @Animason99 And you know how I said I have shit to show this time?


Here's a small WIP of my entry to it. There's about 8 other people working on it, and it's planned to be out by Halloween. So far everything seems to be coming along well with it, and everyone's been making great progress with their parts so I'm sure it will come out good. I don't wanna promise anything, especially since it's not even really my project, but unless something goes terribly wrong it should work out fine.

Also I have a shitload of ideas for my own personal cartoons, plenty of which I've barely even touched yet, I really can't promise much on that front but expect some stuff eventually. That's probably the one thing I'll still try to be pretty vague on, since nothing's really set in stone with that. What I will say though is that being gone for so long has really given me time to improve my skills in terms of art, animation and just about everything really, so I'm excited to finally have some things to show for it.

Also I'm posting art semi-frequently again. I'll try and post it on my social media as well as the art portal on here as much as I can. I've mostly been posting art to my Twitter and my Tumblr, and I'll continue to update those with WIPs and stuff of that nature. If you're interested, give em a follow here:



Alright, I think that's enough narcisistically talking about myself to strangers over the internet for one day. I'll just leave you with this drawing I made yesterday.


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We should really make a Neon Fuse intro to put at the beginning of our cartoons.

Hell yeah nigga