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Pretty fun overall. I don't really like how the music sometimes extends into the animations though, it sort of feels a bit offputting in some of them, like the Aqua Teen one. I really enjoyed some of the actual loops though, the Courage one was easily my favorite. Very creative, and the art and backgrounds were very expressive and fun to look at. I liked the rest too to varying degrees.

scottwjsm responds:

Thanks for your input! I just updated it without the menu music in most loops

This is the stupidest shit I've ever seen. Kind of reminds me of wardog's cartoons.

I can dig Dizzy's wings being in on the action. Kind of a shame Necro got to do the actual insertion though, I mean Dizzy's supposed to be Ky's wife right? Actually, since Dizzy's wings are a part of her... is it cheating or selfcest? Ah fuck it, your stuff's always good I dig it. You have a terrific style and I've always loved it. I must say though, the silence on the part of all other parties besides Dizzy is a bit strange. I think perhaps Ky and Necro shouldn't have been silent, it just doesn't really feel right to me. Regardless, no real complaints art/animation-wise, you always kill that.

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I'm really digging what you have so far. Kinda makes me wish I wasn't so shite at rhythm games, aesthetically this is just a very nice, appealing and cute game.

Yes! So happy to see another one of these since it's been 5 years since the original one. Good job to everyone involved, this made me smile and nod my head vigorously.

I liked the visuals and the music, the game itself is a bit too simple for me but it's fun in a minigame sorta way I guess. I would've liked to see a little bit more depth to it, because with such a simple concept you have a lot of potential to explore and add to it, certainly a little more than pressing a single button when someone is attacking until you can't anymore. I'm not saying it's not fun but you could have added a bit more to it, or at least make them get progressively faster as it goes on or something. The graphics were probably the best thing about this, moawling did a kick-ass job with that. Just wish the game itself had more to it.

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Title made me cringe, the song was simple but catchy though, good stuff.

Mydogbuddy7 responds:

aw shucks

Damn this was really cool, I love this kind of ambient stuff.

This sounds like part of the soundtrack of an epic movie of some sort.

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Great stuff, I fucking love your style. Your rendering style looks extremely appealing, you really give the skin such a soft yet meaty look that I hella dig. They really did not need to make her Guilty Gear Strive design so fucking thicc I swear man, you did it justice. I dig the facial expressions too, they're kind of cute yet bratty looking which fits the character pretty well.

I like this drawing so much I am almost willing to forget how much I utterly despise fighting her.

cashumeru responds:

it was super fun to work on, i wanted to try n give it more rendering tht i usually could with having more time so im happy u had so much nice things to say about it astro heh thank u so much.. yeah may is very pick up by the neckable n throwable to most people who fight her

Yooo I'd totally be down for more 2hu in your style.

Y'know, I've seen a sudden surge of various 2000s anime like Azumanga, Lucky Star, Haruhi and other things regaining popularity as of recently. I personally welcome it, acknowledgement of Azumanga in the current year's hella tight. Cute drawing, Chiyo's a good noodle.

HabaneroTadpole responds:

I'm really glad the wave of that era of shit is happening rn, Azumanga stands out the most to me just for the fact it's a such a huge internet time capsule.

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