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I'm really digging what you have so far. Kinda makes me wish I wasn't so shite at rhythm games, aesthetically this is just a very nice, appealing and cute game.

Yes! So happy to see another one of these since it's been 5 years since the original one. Good job to everyone involved, this made me smile and nod my head vigorously.

I liked the visuals and the music, the game itself is a bit too simple for me but it's fun in a minigame sorta way I guess. I would've liked to see a little bit more depth to it, because with such a simple concept you have a lot of potential to explore and add to it, certainly a little more than pressing a single button when someone is attacking until you can't anymore. I'm not saying it's not fun but you could have added a bit more to it, or at least make them get progressively faster as it goes on or something. The graphics were probably the best thing about this, moawling did a kick-ass job with that. Just wish the game itself had more to it.

Lots of great entries here, I'm glad to see this finally finished. Coding can be stressful as fuck.

Imprez responds:

it was, next time I'm going to get a experienced coder to help me.

It is quite decent for a Stencyl game. I found this game because Newgrounds tweeted it, and I certainly do not regret clicking it. But it was too short, which prevented it from getting a perfect 5 stars.

It's good! It's challenging, good graphics, and good music. Well done!

Wolod responds:

Thanks, man!

NIce game! I liked it a lot!

It's good, but the main levels were too easy. The only part I found to be slightly hard was the boss, and I just beat him in like 5 minutes. But nevertheless, nice game.

Cool game, I just beat it.

h ey

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