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Great stuff, I fucking love your style. Your rendering style looks extremely appealing, you really give the skin such a soft yet meaty look that I hella dig. They really did not need to make her Guilty Gear Strive design so fucking thicc I swear man, you did it justice. I dig the facial expressions too, they're kind of cute yet bratty looking which fits the character pretty well.

I like this drawing so much I am almost willing to forget how much I utterly despise fighting her.

cashumeru responds:

it was super fun to work on, i wanted to try n give it more rendering tht i usually could with having more time so im happy u had so much nice things to say about it astro heh thank u so much.. yeah may is very pick up by the neckable n throwable to most people who fight her

Yooo I'd totally be down for more 2hu in your style.

Y'know, I've seen a sudden surge of various 2000s anime like Azumanga, Lucky Star, Haruhi and other things regaining popularity as of recently. I personally welcome it, acknowledgement of Azumanga in the current year's hella tight. Cute drawing, Chiyo's a good noodle.

HabaneroTadpole responds:

I'm really glad the wave of that era of shit is happening rn, Azumanga stands out the most to me just for the fact it's a such a huge internet time capsule.

Nice! Vash is one of my favorite anime designs ever honestly. He's capable of being so cool looking while simultaneously being very silly and goofy looking at times to match his softer personality. Good shit, Trigun's awesome. Always loved your art man.

Fucking awesome! Great colors, I love the way you drew Slayer in particular especially, his facial expression looks great. Your linework is very impressive as well, just a very good piece all around. Perhaps it's also just my general Guilty Gear fanboyism talking in part though, and you drew two of my favorite characters. I mean seriously, a guy who fights with a pool cue? I can't play Venom worth a dog's dick but his design and concept is rad as shit. Good work overall.

Muscles and futanari, hell yeah. Good shit.

Yknow, I never thought too much of Izumi in a sexual way when watching/reading FMA originally, but the way you drew her here really makes me reconsider. I love the way you draw muscular women.

I also often add abs/exaggerate musculature of certain characters where I feel it fits when I draw them, I often look at characters that are canonically supposed to be very strong women and I think "This looks more right to me". Plus it also just looks very sexy.

ttrop responds:

same alot of powerful women in anime are often made skinny when they should be buff

Woah, I love it! Beautiful colors, and that frog's a cute lil fella. Good stuff.

I love the way you drew the characters individually, especially Faust, but I feel as though they don't really work well within the same image in the way you did it. It looks like they're from two different images kind of slapped into one, with the vast difference in lighting and just the overall approach to drawing them. I really think you could've made good individual images out of these two characters, but together like this in the way you did it it just doesn't work that well for me. I don't really get an understanding of what you're going for with them together here. Is Faust being weird and Millia's just kind of confused by it or something? I like your other work and I like the way you drew the characters but this drawing as a whole doesn't do it for me.

Very cute! Chibi proportions are surprisingly difficult to draw, at least for me anyway. My favorites were the first one, the six-armed girl and the last one.

h ey

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