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Pretty fun overall. I don't really like how the music sometimes extends into the animations though, it sort of feels a bit offputting in some of them, like the Aqua Teen one. I really enjoyed some of the actual loops though, the Courage one was easily my favorite. Very creative, and the art and backgrounds were very expressive and fun to look at. I liked the rest too to varying degrees.

scottwjsm responds:

Thanks for your input! I just updated it without the menu music in most loops

This is the stupidest shit I've ever seen. Kind of reminds me of wardog's cartoons.

I can dig Dizzy's wings being in on the action. Kind of a shame Necro got to do the actual insertion though, I mean Dizzy's supposed to be Ky's wife right? Actually, since Dizzy's wings are a part of her... is it cheating or selfcest? Ah fuck it, your stuff's always good I dig it. You have a terrific style and I've always loved it. I must say though, the silence on the part of all other parties besides Dizzy is a bit strange. I think perhaps Ky and Necro shouldn't have been silent, it just doesn't really feel right to me. Regardless, no real complaints art/animation-wise, you always kill that.

i cant believe mikelz ng is dead : (

Very expressive animation. It distorts just enough to have a very cartoonish, fun feel to it while remaining on-model enough to where the characters don't look like jelly. It felt very fluid, energetic and alive the whole way through. Keep it up, dude.

Y'know, I've been kind of growing tired of padoru memes lately, but your animation and art style are so nice that I could still appreciate this. I love your 90s anime style, it looks true to what it's trying to replicate while still looking unique enough to be recognizable as your own style. Also it was cute as fuck 5 stars.

Your animation never fails to impress me every time I lay eyes upon it. The voice actors also did a great job, props to them.

Holy Christ, your imagination and animation quality never cease to amaze me. Good shit as always.

Absolutely fucking amazing! This is without a doubt among the best, if not the best re-animate collab I've ever seen. Just about every entry was incredibly well-animated, I don't know if web animators have just gotten better over the years or if you were very choosy of who you got for this, but either way I was astounded by the quality here. There were pretty much no bad entries, I'd think there'd be at least a few considering the nature of these collabs, but it was just great stuff all around. Just like the original show, the animation of the characters felt lively, cartoonish and fun. It was all very enjoyable to look at. Good work to everyone involved.

Still gives me a good chuckle after all these years. Good shit.

h ey

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